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Flower arrangement

Stitch pattern flower arrangement

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This pattern was designed using the following materials:

Fabric: Aida 14, White 150w X 121h Stitches Size: 14 Count, 10-5/8w X 8-5/8h in Floss Used for Full Stitches: Type Number Color DMC 159 Gray Blue-LT DMC 160 Gray Blue-MD DMC 161 Gray Blue DMC 166 Moss Green-MD LT DMC 169 Pewter-LT DMC 310 Black DMC 317 Pewter Gray DMC 318 Steel Gray-LT DMC 371 Mustard DMC 372 Mustard-LT DMC 400 Mahogany-DK DMC 413 Pewter Gray-DK DMC 414 Steel Gray-DK DMC 436 Tan DMC 472 Avocado Green-UL LT DMC 500 Blue Green-VY DK DMC 524 Fern Green-VY LT DMC 606 Bright Orange-Red DMC 640 Beige Gray-VY DK DMC 644 Beige Gray-MD DMC 645 Beaver Gray-VY DK DMC 647 Beaver Gray-MD DMC 648 Beaver Gray-LT DMC 720 Orange Spice-DK DMC 731 Olive Green-DK DMC 779 Cocoa-DK DMC 799 Delft Blue-MD DMC 817 Coral Red-VY DK DMC 823 Navy Blue-DK DMC 832 Golden Olive DMC 844 Beaver Brown-UL DK DMC 898 Coffee Brown-VY DK DMC 921 Copper DMC 927 Gray Green-LT DMC 930 Antique Blue-DK DMC 934 Black Avocado Green DMC 938 Coffee Brown-UL DK DMC 3012 Khaki Green-MD DMC 3072 Beaver Gray-VY LT DMC 3348 Yellow Green-LT DMC 3740 Antique Violet-DK DMC 3743 Antique Violet-VY LT DMC 3752 Antique Blue-VY LT DMC 3787 Brown Gray-DK DMC 3790 Beige Gray-UL DK DMC 3799 Pewter Gray-VY DK DMC 3820 Straw-DK DMC 3852 Straw-VY DK DMC 3861 Cocoa-LT DMC 3864 Mocha Beige-LT