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How to print

Our patterns are saved in GIF format and divided in sections if the pattern is too large to fit on the website. To print them we advice you to save them on your desktop/pendrive/floppy/cd and then print them with another program than internet explorer. As of now IE has a bug and it does not print large images correctly.

To print the patterns you can follow this method:

  1. Choose the pattern and scroll down to the pattern chart.
  2. Right click on the pattern chart and press 'Save picture as'
  3. Save to your desktop/CD/pendrive of your choice
  4. Use another program like Adobe Acrobat, Ms. Word etc. and insert the pattern chart into that program.
  5. Print from that program
  6. If the pattern is large and has more than one pattern chart repeat for all charts.

Dear Squirell and Jen, You can imagine the work involved in creating those patterns but maybe we'll include the pdf option in the future. In the meantime Printing half the pattern is a bug in internet explorer. A short way would be to turn Page to portrait. If that does not solve the problem, then you can simply right click on the patterns and press "Save as" and save them to desktop. Then include them in Ms. Word (or other program) and print from there. In the future you should be able to print directly from Internet Explorer but that is up to bill gates :)

I hope that this help is enough. I have also added some of your own solutions just in case I talk too technical :)
Happy Stitching

Other method outlined by our readers

OK, I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO PRINT THESE PATTERNS WITHOUT CUTTING OFF THE EDGES!!! HIGHLIGHT ONE PAGE AT A TIME, RIGHT CLICK AND "SAVE PICTURE AS" (I PUT IT INTO MY PICTURES) SAVE IT AS A BITMAP PRINT IT OFF AS IT IS. THEN, IF YOU HAVE ONE, IF YOU DON'T, TAKE IT TO KINKO'S OR THE LIBRARY, COPY IT ON THE COPIER BUT ENLARGEN IT TO 129 AND PRINT IT ONTO 11X17 PAPER. VOILA!!! YOU HAVE THE WHOLE PATTERN, PLUS IT IS BIG ENOUGH TO READ!!! I have noticed it doesn't work in GIF form. Also, before you enlargen the pattern, double check the corners to make sure you have all points of the cross stitch and that no edges of the pattern are missing. They won't be if you highlight the pattern page first and put it into bitmap.

Hi. I just right clicked, selected save picture, then opened Microsoft paint, opened each page and printed the pictures, worked really easy.

Francianne: When you "save picture as", a box will come up. At the bottom of the box it has "choose a file name" and "save as type" You can save as GIF or, what worked best for me, Bitmap (*.bmp). There is a little down arrow to let you know there is a dropdown box and the bitmap will be there to choose. Also, Allyson sounds like she has a good idea too!